Hammocks time! A place to chill and be creative!

Location: Feldkirch, Austria. Action-Installation, 2012

(6 hammocks with rainbow colours handmade by a Mexican family, 6 handmade books, climbing strings, colour pencils, pens, stickers, stamps, scissors, glue.)
This Project was made in two phases. In the first one I made an open call for people with interest to write texts regarding my Series “Do you want to know a secret?” (2018). The handmade books were a combination of prints of my collages and different texts from different authors (listed above) Between August and September 2018 I installed hammocks in Feldkirch, a small town in Vorarlberg, Austria in an open green space. People who passed by could use a hammock and chill or be creative and intervene the books.

This Project was collaboration with www.POTENTIALe.at , and includes texts from Linda Achberger, Maria Cecilia Barbetta, Marianne, Gerlinde File, Ronska Grimm, Christine Hartmann, Christine Hüttinger, Erika Kronabitter, Anette Kuhn, Anni Mathes, Teresa Riemann, Susanne Quehenberger.